Imagine trusting yourself.

Imagine believing that you are hot/brilliant/fast enough.

Imagine knowing that you are awesome—that you are, in fact, a really big f***ing deal and you can totally nail that big project, snag that dream job, stand on top of the podium and live a joy-filled, love-filled absolutely awesome life that makes you want to throw a dance party every day.

What’s stopping you?

Well…do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

-I can’t do this.

-I’m not cut out for this.

-This sucks.

-I don’t matter.

-How embarrassing.

-If I want something done right, I’ll have to do it myself.

-Life is a competition and I’ve gotta win.

-I should/need/have to.

-He didn’t mean to.

-It’ll be better when…

-Don’t worry about me.

-Better to be safe than sorry.

-I’ll stick with what I know.

Yeah? Well then, let’s get down to business and flip that shiz on its head.

Rule #1: YOU are in charge.

YOU choose your thoughts.

YOU choose your emotions.

In fact, YOU choose every part of your life. And why would you choose anything less than awesomeness?
Especially when awesomeness sounds like this:

-I’ve got this.

-I’m all in.

-What a great opportunity.

-I am powerful.

-We’re all in this together and we’re rocking it!

-I want (insert dream).

-I am valuable. I am unique. I am a gem. I am a rockstar!

-This scares the bejesus out of me, but I want it so I’m gonna go for it!

Those sweet sounds of awesomeness can be yours. In fact, they are all yours. You just have to choose them. I’ll show you how.

We’ll use the Energy Leadership IndexTM to figure out what makes you tick. We’ll find out what makes you feel like a victim, what pisses you off, what you’re tolerating, what you love, where you find opportunities, where you find joy and where you find bliss.

Here’s How It will Go Down:

Step 1: Once you sign up, with the form below, I’ll send you the Energy Leadership IndexTM Assessment.

Step 2: You’ll take the 84-question assessment (it only takes 20 minutes) and schedule your follow-up phone or Skype session with me.

Step 3: We’ll jam about your assessment results for 60-90 minutes.

And during that marvelous magical debrief with me, you’ll have a whole bunch of “aha” moments and gain a whole new perspective on life, on yourself, on your relationships, on your goals and who knows what else—the possibilities are endless!

Step 4: After the marvelous magical debrief, we will work together to create a confidence coaching program that will enable you to toss your invisibility cloak and show up in all your awesomeness in every aspect of your life!

Are you ready to make some serious waves (or just see the world in a whole new light)?



“I had the pleasure of working with Kelsey and it was an awesome, literally life-changing experience. I completed the Energy Leadership Index assessment and then spent 1.5 hours on the phone with Kelsey debriefing over my results. To be honest, I had never heard of the ELI until Kelsey and I started chatting about the shifts that occur during a workout—going from an energy-depleting, I-don’t-want-to-do-anything state of mind to a complete state of bliss. I am a big fan of personal development, so when she mentioned this assessment, I jumped at the opportunity to grow. The test itself is incredibly thought-provoking and elicits a lot of reflection. The most powerful shifts happened during and after our phone conversation (and are still happening)!! The insight I gained has been invaluable in my role as a wife, mother, daughter, coach, friend, and in the relationship I have with myself! There is something so powerful about being able to identify what state-of-mind I am in, i.e. what energy level I am in. The test and debrief served as a road map of sorts on how to make the shift from a draining and destructive state of mind to a place of positivity and productivity. I haven’t stopped sharing with family and friends—because the level of awareness the test helps to create is truly life-changing!!”

-Samantha Livingstone, Olympic Gold Medalist and owner of Samantha Livingstone Health and Wellness


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