You – feeling awesome at the starting line, slaying your goals, rocking every leg of that race and finishing injury-free with tons of optimism to boot…


That’s what Find Your Awesome’s Triathlon Coaching is all about.

Because let’s face it: your desire to become an incredible athlete is more than just a hobby.

It’s a dream. It’s a mission. It’s something you want to look back on one day and say…

“Yeah I did that. And I kicked ass at it.”

You’re probably wondering if you really need coaching for that next big Triathlon, Marathon, or Ironman…

You do if…

You’re good but you know you could be so-much-better
You’ve tried to stick to training plans before but find yourself falling off or skipping workouts (oops!)
You train as hard as you possibly can, but aren’t getting any faster or stronger (actually, your body hurts a lot and you’re exhausted)
You really want to train hard and get better (without overtraining) but just don’t know when to workout, how hard to push and when to rest
You’re already awesome at ONE sport but the thought of getting better at another TWO is overwhelming…
You’re in charge of so many things in your life and, for the love of God, you just want someone to tell you what to do when it comes to training

How does anyone do this alone?

You really just want someone to tell you what to do and when to do it – aaannd make sure that you don’t leave your life and/or your body in shambles along the way!

After all, the idea is to make it to the finish line feeling AWESOME about yourself, about your race, about your life, about your support crew–everything!

Am I right?

Well, let’s get you to that finish line, baby!

With Triathlon Coaching, you’ll get the THREE things you need to succeed with your training…

Clear, attainable goals to excel in not one, but THREE sports so you don’t have to wonder if you’re making the progress you’re supposed to. Had a shitty run? Okay. Feeling kinda weak in your swim time? Fine. Together, we’ll identify what’s really going on. I’ll be right there with all of the support, answers, and pep talking you could possibly need. Because sometimes what seems like a setback is just part of the training process. As a certified coach and triathlete myself, I know all about it firsthand and will guide you in the most productive way possible.

Custom workouts that shift with your progress and your life so you can finally switch up your workouts week to week without worrying if that’s going to hinder your athletic improvement or totally mess up your “life balance.” Because, hey, they’ve been made especially for you, where you are, where your body is, and how you’re performing.

Check-ins to make sure you stick to your training schedule and push yourself (and REST!) when you need to. It’s hard to phone it in when you’ve got someone checking over your shoulder to make sure you’re doing the work!

“I hired Coach Kelsey because I wanted to get fast. I got fast. With Kelsey as my coach, I improved beyond my hopes as a triathlete. At the beginning of the season, I dreamed of an age group win (or two). In addition to meeting that goal, I scored 2 overall spots on the podium.  I had no idea this possibility even existed for me. To borrow a line from Sarah Groff, this was “like getting a high five from a unicorn.”

-Alex Carleton

And the bonus?

You’ll be getting it all from someone who is also an athlete, a confidence coach, seriously knows her shit, and loves to hold you accountable to your awesome potential.

Yes, really.

Meet: Kelsey Abbott, your coach, leader and (soon-to-be) greatest ally. (a.k.a ME! Hi there!)

As a USA Triathlon-certified Level 1 coach, an Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Master Practitioner and a Certified Professional Coach (CPC and ACC) – I am the complete package to bring your passion for performance to the professional level. I’ve been an athlete my entire life, from swimming at 9 to playing water polo through college to tackling triathlons ever since, so I know the challenges of competition, training, and pushing yourself to the limit intimately.

And really? I just can’t wait to see you rise and shine.

When you sign up for my triathlon coaching, you’ll get…

Weekly workouts for your wicked success, customized to YOU –designed for your strengths and weaknesses, your preferences, your lifestyle and where you are right NOW.
Tips and tricks to improve your workouts as you progress week to week.
Your very own account with Training Peaks, the online software we’ll be using to deliver and track your workouts and progress.
Email access to me, Coach Kelsey, at all times in case anything comes up, if you have questions or just need a quick kick in the pants (it happens).

Your investment to take your training from a healthy hobby to a stellar story? $250/month

Contact me to apply to be a Find Your Awesome athlete



Also, something to note:

While I am passionate about helping everyone improve their athletic performance (because I genuinely believe everyone is an athlete) this program is not for everyone. It’s for the determined, the bad-ass, the hungry – it’s for those who truly want to work for the glory of growing themselves into a bona fide athlete.

So please don’t hire me if….

You’re not interested in actually doing the work or the workouts.
You won’t log your workouts or communicate about what’s working or challenging.
You don’t really want to see real progress in your athletic performance.
You need an in-person coach or trainer to get a workout done.

Any questions? Or if you think this program is for you, please please email me and let’s get you training!

To Your Awesomeness,

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