Imagine seeing colossal improvements in your performance (athletic and otherwise) because you know just what to do to get “in the zone.”


You already know everything else you need to as an athlete.

How to work your ass off.
How to recover like a champion.
How to fuel your body like a fine-tuned machine.

And furthermore: you’re already doing it (with flying colors).

So then why aren’t you getting the results you want?
Why aren’t you achieving the goals you set?

I’ll tell you why.

The problem isn’t in your body. It’s in your mind.

If you’ve been…

not feeling present in your workouts
not pushing yourself as hard as you know you’re capable of
finding yourself getting injured right before a big race or event
setting expectations that drive you forward (but you’re still not meeting them)
letting emotions get in the way of your performance

Meanwhile, that kid who just started racing or competing, like, yesterday, is blowing past you in speed and strength.


Yeah, well, we need to talk.

Because there is another level to your athleticism that you’re not accessing.

But it’s not to be found pushing your body any harder.

The trick is in your mindset.

Can you imagine…

Reaching your highest potential every damn day?
Focusing like a laser to accomplish any task put in front of you?
Having the race of your life?
Achieving your goals?
Racing and training with joy?


The one-on-one support that you need to reach your next level in athletic performance, so you can stop psyching yourself out and start psyching yourself up.

Are you ready?

Core Performance Dynamics is a structured mindset coaching system for athletes or anyone who wants to perform (in anything) at their highest potential. It uses a formula to gauge and track your energy levels for maximum achievement and minimum waste. The other cool thing about the Core Performance program?

It’s applicable to your entire life. Which means you won’t just become way better athlete but also: a happier, more productive human.

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What does it cost?

Your Investment to Improve Your Sport + Life is $1490 for three months of life-changing, (legal) performance-enhancing awesomeness.

Here’s what’s included:

THREE 50-minute phone or Skype sessions with yours truly (per month)
Personalized weekly homework and assignments to explore and shift your energy
24/7 Email Support from Yours Truly throughout the month

Did you know that the Core Performance method is the only legal, healthy and drug-free performance enhancer of its kind? It’s true.

Interested in seeing how we work together?

Contact me to book a 20-minute discovery session.

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FYI – This program is not for everyone. We have to work well together. And you have to be willing to do the work. There are no magic fixes, no instant cures. Much like working out your body, the training of your mind takes concerted and focused effort. Signing up for Performance Coaching means you are ready to do the work and take control of your performance and life.

This program is not for you if…

you want to whine but not do the work
you think “energy” is an intangible that cannot be measured or maximized
you want quick answers and magic fixes
you won’t be willing to make this mindset stuff a practice

If that doesn’t sound like you, awesome!

Ready to say “HELL YES!” to upping your game?

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p.s. I know you’re probably wondering if this can really change your game, but (and I’m speaking from experience – it really can.) The one thing that you have to remember here is that you are worth the investment. Achieving your highest level of athleticism is a personal goal and dream, and it’s one that means a lot to you – so it matters. I can’t tell you how many times I hear people say “well, I’m not an athlete.” Of course you are. You are an athlete because you decide to be, because you love it, and because you work for it. Winning? Has nothing to do with it. Let’s make your performance dreams come true, shall we? If you have more questions, feel free to email me at []. I can’t wait to psych you up!

More about me!

Hi, I’m Kelsey Abbott, ambitious athlete, confidence coach, and founder of Find Your Awesome. I believe that everyone has the power to achieve incredible levels of athleticism and performance, including you. You don’t need chemical performance enhancers to be your best. You are an athlete because you decide you are. I’ve competed in triathlon for over 10 years because I love it. I know that if I’m not having fun, I’m not performing at my best. What’s your best? And how can we get you there?

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