Athletes are made. Not born.

Sure, some people have incredible genetics.
Of course, some are born with bodies for speed.
And yes some folks are just taller, more muscular, or leaner.

But the ones that have used those natural perks to their advantage, the ones that have fleeced the competition and gone farther and farther and won gold medals…

Planned for it.
Trained for it.
And worked for it.

They invested tons of time, money and energy in themselves. They trained their bodies and their minds. They struggled. They failed. They practiced. They learned. And they grew.

Olympians aren’t known for skipping workouts, throwing in the towel before the timer beeps, or quitting. Are they?

And (as much as I love Nike) “just doing it” doesn’t really cut it either.

You know why?

Because that’s not what makes an incredible athlete.

What makes an incredible athlete is an incredible mind.

Hi, I’m Kelsey Abbott – USA Triathlon-Certified Level 1 coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Certified Professional Coach.

In other words, I am the secret ingredient to your athletic awesomeness.

I’ve been an athlete my entire life, from swimming at 9 to playing water polo through college to tackling triathlons ever since.

I know the challenges of competition, training, and pushing yourself to the limit intimately.

And my mission: is to help you bring your body and mind to entirely new heights, to help you master the balance of ass-kicking and recovery, and to help you find reserves of focus and discipline that you didn’t even know you had.

And all with joy, excitement, and fun.

Because doing what you love should always be fun.

(That’s what makes it awesome.)

Are you ready to join me?

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