Are you ready to:

Step/Jump/Leap/Dive/Fly/Burst out of your comfort zone?

LIVE the life you love and love the life you live?

Liberate Yourself from the weight of should, and shouldn’ts?

Be the rockstar that you KNOW you are?

Are you ready to find your awesome?

I’m Kelsey Abbott and I can help you with that.

I believe in joy.

I believe in freedom.

I believe in passion and creativity and trusting your gut.

I believe in stubborn determination and dreaming.

I believe in people.

I believe in changing the world.

I believe in brilliance and greatness.

I believe in out-of-the-box thinking and unconventional living.

I believe in rocking the boat.

I don’t believe in labels or expectations or boxes or limits.

I believe in awesomeness and authenticity.

I believe that we are all worthy of living the life we love.

I light sparks, I rouse rabbles, I make waves.

I’m a passion-pusher, an endorphin junky, a hippie-jock and an instigator of joy.

I’ve also been known to give a unicorn bitch slap or two.

That’s me.

Who are you?

Are you on the edge of greatness? Do you have this niggling (or not so niggling) feeling that you’re gonna change the world/ win the race/ write a bestseller/ do something really friggin’ awesome, but you’re not sure how?

Let me be your partner in crime. We’ll slay gremlins, unearth your confidence and let your awesome shine.

What do you say? Are you ready to start living in an authentically passionate way?

My story (the super-short version)

I’ve got undergrad degrees in Psychology and Art History and a Masters in Marine Biology. I’ve trained dolphins, studied killer whales and even spent some time working in a cubicle. And when I was offered a secure, high-paying job that would involve staying in that cubicle, I quit my job, moved to Maine and became a freelance writer. Throughout my adventures I’ve been an athlete—first a swimmer (from age 9 through college), then a water polo player (just in high school and college) and now a triathlete (I got hooked in 2004). I’ve been coaching that whole time too because, you see, I have this thing for people, for watching people grow and surprise themselves. Nothing—I mean nothing—fires me up like watching someone do something or be someone they never thought possible. I’m a USA Triathlon-certified Level I coach, an Energy Leadership Index (ELI)- Master Practitioner, a certified Cor.E Performance Specialist and a Certified Professional Coach (CPC and ACC). Let me translate that: I coach athletes (swimmers, bikers, runners and triathletes) and I coach passionate people (athletes or non-athletes) to find the confidence they need to be their brightest, shiniest selves.

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