As a confidence coach, I empower people to toss their invisibility cloaks and break free from situations that are no longer serving them so they can show up in all their awesomeness. I work with both individuals and groups to help them embrace lives filled with possibilities.   Find Out More

As a triathlon coach and a performance coach, I help athletes of every ability reach their highest potential by giving them individualized training schedules and feedback and by helping them destroy any limiting beliefs that are holding them back from greatness.  Find Out More


My first impression of Kelsey was that she is thoughtful, very knowledgeable, and will make you feel comfortable. Laughs and giggles are guaranteed. She knows exactly what questions to ask to get you diving deep into what you are currently facing. I had many ah-ha moments with her and with her encouragement, I faced my fears and launched my business to the public. If you're looking for someone who's supportive, will help you push your boundaries, and leave your comfort zone, then Kelsey is your girl.

- Michelle Simpkin


One 30 minute session with Kelsey knocked my self imposed blinders off. Kelsey took me by the hand and led me through my cluttered path of confidence reducing fears with grace and ease asking questions which gave me new perspectives resulting in some release and new found confidence.

I know with more time with her I would gain even more perspectives, insights and tools to use to negate my fears even further and gain more confidence.

- Tammra Sterling